Where do you Find Glass Floats on the Oregon Coast?

Finding glass floats on the beach has become a popular activity on the beaches of Lincoln City and for good reason. Local glass artists blow beautiful glass floats that are strategically placed along the shoreline of Lincoln City’s 7 mile stretch from Roads End to Siletz Bay. To find one of these beauties, you simply need a little time and a sharp eye. Float Fairies hide them along popular beach accesses, as well as some of the lesser traveled beaches. You will find them above the high tide line. Sometimes they are in plain sight, and sometimes you must hunt a little harder to find them along the driftwood or in the sea-grass. Glass float hunting is a wonderful activity that the whole family can enjoy. If you happen to find one call 800-452-2151 and register it and you will receive a certificate and information about the glass artist. For more information contact Lincoln City Visitor Information Center located inside of the Lincoln City Cultural Center.
Happy Hunting!

Hunting Tips

  • Glass floats are placed mid Oct through Labor day.
  • During storms and heavy surf when the beach is unsafe we recommend not hunting. If you are unsure you may want to check with the Lincoln City Visitors Center as they don’t place floats if they feel conditions are unsafe.
  • Finders Keepers suggests looking near the beach accesses, but floats can be anywhere on Lincoln city’s beaches.
  • On selected holidays extra floats are often hidden on the beach. Check with the Lincoln City Visitors Center for more info.
  • Lincoln City Glass Float

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