Oregon Coast Fat Tire Bikes

Riding Fat Tire Bikes on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast has miles and miles of beautiful beaches to explore, and there’s no better way to explore them than on a fat tire bicycle. Fat tire bikes have a four inch wide tire that cruise over sand and rough terrain with ease. These bikes allow you to go for rides right on the beach. Most bike enthusiasts love the thought of riding bikes along the beautiful Oregon coast, but riding bikes along Oregon’s coastal highways can be very dangerous and not worth the risk. Most Oregon coastal highways have little to no road shoulder, therefore are not very bike friendly. Fat tire bikes however are a great solution to this problem by getting you off the highways, and onto the beach. If you love the beach and love riding bikes, then this is for you.  It’s a great workout and super fun at the same time. It is a bit harder than riding on the road, but the scenery more than makes up for that. It’s an amazing experience to be riding right along Oregon’s beautiful coastline with the the ocean scenery and breaking waves keeping you company. Give it a try and you may discover you’ve found your new hobby. Check with Oregon coast fat tire bike rental shops about the safest times to go and conditions and days to avoid. You should always avoid fat-biking on the beach when there are heavy seas, or when large swells are forecast. We recommend going at a lower tide, when the ocean is calm, and riding on the hard packed sand.

Oregon Coast fat tire bike rental shops:

Safari Town Surf Shop (Lincoln City): 541-996-6335


Bike Newport (Newport): 541-265-9917


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