Explore The Oregon Coast in a Kayak

Kayaking is an exciting way to explore the Oregon Coast, and is becoming increasingly more popular in Oregon.  Whether you prefer flat water, bays, tidewater canals, or ocean kayaking, the Oregon Coast has an abundance of places to discover and explore. We suggest booking a kayak tour  if you’re new to the sport.  Kayak tour guides should teach you about tides, surf conditions, and the safest times to kayak.  If you are kayaking in the ocean, it is also wise to check buoy reports www.ndbc.noaa.gov and ocean forecasts, and avoid ocean kayaking when the seas are unsafe, or beyond your ability. The Oregon Coast can be very dangerous, so you will want to do your homework and try and go with an experienced ocean kayaker to learn more. The Oregon Coast is amazing and well worth the time and effort.

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