Oregon Coast Fat Tire Bike Beach Riding Tips

Oregon Coast Fat Tire Bike Beach Riding Tips

Fat Tire Bikes are quickly becoming the new rave on the Oregon Coast.

With 363 miles of breath taking coastline stretching from the Columbia River to the California boarder it’s no surprise why fat tire biking has grown in popularity on the Oregon Coast. Once people started to figure out they could actually ride these bikes on the beach, bike and beach enthusiasts alike quickly jumped on board. If you love the beach and you love bikes then you’ve got give fat tire biking on the beach a try.

With a 4” wide tire these bikes can cruise over sand and rough terrain with ease. There are limits, so don’t think you can go ride uphill through 6” deep sand and expect to have an easy ride. We’ve found they work best on the hard pack sand exposed on the flatter beaches at lower tides. The bikes will go through deeper sand with lower tire pressure, but it is a bit more work.

If you’d like to try one out before committing to purchasing a fat tire bike, there are several shops that rent fat bikes on the Oregon Coast. Bike Newport in Newport and Safari Town Surf in Lincoln City. Both shops have a daily rate of $50/ day. Both Newport and Lincoln City also just happen to have some of the best beach areas for fat tire biking. In Newport try South Beach State Park and head south. In Lincoln City try Roads End State Park and head south.

Oregon Coast Fat Tire Bike Beach Riding Tips

  • Check the tides! You don’t want to get trapped around a headland after the tide comes in.
  • Look at the beach your considering to ride before going. Check for any safely hazards (headlands, driftwood, rocks, or maybe just not enough beach to ride on).
  • We recommend flatter beaches and  lower tides for better hard packed sand which is easier to ride on.
  • Check the wind forecast and try to work with the wind, not against it. In the summer months it’s often best to plan your ride from north to south as the typical summer winds come out of the northwest. If you have to ride against the wind we recommend starting in the morning when the winds are calm and then when the wind comes up later in the day, it will be at your back when you turn around and are riding back. Another option is to ride with the wind and have someone pick you up at a pre determined location. Remember the wind typically blows hardest in the afternoon so try and work with the elements.
  • Don’t ride your bike in the salt water! It may look fun, but it is very hard and corrosive on the bikes.
  • Bring your cell phone. They are great for taking photos, and if you get into any trouble you can call for help.
  • If your planning on a long fat bike adventure, let a friend or relative know your fat biking plans (when you plan on leaving & returning). Let them know when your done.
  • Rinse your bike thoroughly with fresh water immediately after your ride. This will help get the corrosive elements off your bike.
  • Lube your bike with a high quality lube.
  • Bring an extra fat tire tube and repair tools (a small pump and basic repair kit). You don’t want to get trapped  miles down a secluded beach and end up having to walk all the way out pushing your broken bike.
  • Be respectful of others, and share the beach.
  • Be respectful of  marine wildlife, and shore birds. Give them some space and stay clear of them.

Hope these tips help you to have an awesome time fat biking the Oregon Coast! Please share your own fat bike beach riding experiences and tips below.  Check Travel Oregon’s website for some great Oregon Coast fat tire beach ride suggestions.

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